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Feb. 15th, 2007

Stay tuned -- an update about this project will be happening later today or tomorrow.  All the submissions are in!  I'll also have the guidelines for Issue #2 up soon, too.


REMINDER: today is the last day you can mail submissions in for issue #1. 



I've received submissions from the following artists:
  • Trish LaPointe
  • Robin Walters
  • Angie Bowen

    Reminder: the mail to me by date is 01.31.07, so there's still plenty of time to contribute!

    I'm looking forward to working with all of you!
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    Theme: Open (art journal style pages)

    Submission Guidelines:
    1. Each artist can send between one and four pieces of art. [OPTIONAL: artists may also send one 4x4 inch text page explaining why they do the kind of art they do and/or their artistic process/approach]
    2. Each piece of art should be 4x4 inches
    3. Artists should put their name and address on the back of each piece of art contributed.
    4. Each artist must include a SASE with proper postage if they want their pieces returned.
    5. Send art to:

      JMH Creative Solutions
      Freedom Artists Zine Submission
      488 Alexander Reed Road
      Richmond, ME 04357

    Deadline: January 31, 2007

    Zine Specs:

  • Finished size will be 5x5 inches
  • This zine will be full color.
  • This zine will have a semi-hard cover (similar to the glue-to books) with a paper covering.
  • This zine will retail for $4.00 each (S&H already included), price will reduce by $.75 each when multiple copies are purchased. 

    [Note: I will be adding between one and four pieces of my own art and text to each zine. I'll also be decorating the cover to fit the theme of each zine.  I'm going to start this out as a bi-monthly thing and, as the interest increases, I'm hoping to make it a monthly thing.]

  • Each artist will receive one copy for each piece of art contributed in return.   (for example, if you send two pieces of art you'll receive two copies of the zine)
  • Artists can purchase additional copies for $2.00 each 


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